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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Trouble keeping it up

I am having trouble keeping it up. My stock. So much on the throwing list these days, hell, just so much on the list. Here's the state of progress in the Hughes Pottery Studio.

I just got 2000lbs of clay on Monday, a big thanks to Morgan and Troy for unloading it and hauling it into the basement. It takes them 15 minutes, it would take me hours. This should keep me going for the next two months, if I am really productive, one month.

It used to be that I had stock ready to go to Florida in January and at this time of year I was getting ready for April and May. Since I started selling so steadily on Etsy it has been harder and harder to keep stock for the other venues. As you see, I am always making, but somehow I never have enough, and no matter how many I sell it seems I am still always a dollar short too.

. My last throwing goal was for Birka, now I need to have work ready to go to Tampa to the Bay Area Renaissance Festival on the 20th and finish up a bunch of special orders. I am feeling a little bit doubtful that I'll get everything done that I wanted to, but hell, I'm throwing as much as I can.

So right now, I have 77 bisc mugs to glaze for Webster's. 30 mugs thrown for Cafe Lemont. A set of 3 plates for a special order, a Garlic Keeper for a special order. I threw 16 round mugs. I trimmed and handled 16 soup mugs today and Rowan put Oak Leaves and Acorns on 7 soup mugs and 2 Lidded Pitchers. It was a pretty productive day over all.

Tomorrow Cristin comes at 11 and I'll have her wedging for me. I need to throw more butter keepers and goblets, then make as many mugs and tankards as I can over the weekend.

OH Yeah, and I have that tooth extraction scheduled for Friday morning at 9. I should be in good shape to work so hard.

I wanted 300 pieces to go to Tampa. I am not sure if I will have it or not. Worry, Worry Worry.

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  1. good luck charles, you are a pot-makin'man... wow. i guess the etsy problem is a problem that you like, i know packing up all that stuff is a pain but you get to keep more of the sale? good luck and don't overwork yourself.