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Sunday, October 17, 2010

A mad rush

I know I said earlier this year that I was going to be prepared and not do a lot of last minute work, but a production emergency happened this weekend. Apparently my work was in extra high demand at the Renaissance Faire and the shop was practically stripped bare. YAY us!

But we were not prepared for success.

So I revved myself up and started throwing yesterday knowing that in order to restock the faire even a little bit for next weekend I had to have it all in the bisc kiln by Monday night. That means it fires off Tuesday night and can be unloaded Wednesday morning. Glazed and reloaded Wednesday, fired off by Thursday morning, cooled by Friday morning, packed and driven to the Faire on Friday afternoon.

I did it, and with Rowan's help tonight we made a lot of the Tankards into Oak and Acorn Tankards.

I hope I can leave early enough in the day to get another ton of clay because I am practically out. I have a little reclaim and a couple boxes of a darker clay I like to use when I do carved pieces.