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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Closer to the goal

Another day closer to being ready for Birka. We have to be ready to load and leave by next Thursday.

It was quite a day in the studio, Details of the work aside, we got a busload of work done, I'm tired and a little proud and while I can't speak for Rowan, I am pretty sure she feels the same way.

 I've been waiting for a more or less uninterrupted day and I finally got it. I started by trimming the 60 mugs I threw last night. When I finally finished them I felt like they would work out better if I left them dry a wee bit more before trying to add the handles.

I also had a special treat, Ro spend most of the day in the studio with me making small medallions and pendants and pins. I love having her with me. Most of the time we are both working, but doing jobs in different parts of the house. Like I am in the studio and she is taking pictures and posting the work on Etsy. We make a damn fine team. Every potter should be so lucky.

So I moved on right away to glazing the 65 tankards Ro had unloaded, cleaned and waxed in preparation for glazing. I feel like I got through them in record time and was able to move back to getting the handles on before things became too dry. It's almost always an issue for me, they're either too wet or too dry. I feel like today's batch of mugs came together really nicely.

And to finish out the day, Ro loaded the glaze kiln, which is firing now and she has most of a bisc loaded.  Just waiting on a few of those mugs to be ready to go in. The dehumidifier is running, they'll be ready soon!

Making Making Making

This morning I commented on a blog from someone who had a 1000 pot goal by April. I can't remember who it was. I am feeling their pain. I think they are looking at a little over 100 pots a week. I've been doing about 100+ pots a week for a couple weeks and it is kind of starting to hurt. I wish I could remember which pottery blog it was, I want to go back and see how they did.

I had a throwing goal of 60 pieces today and I made it! There they are! Looks like tomorrow will involve a lot of trimming and handle pulling.

 And before I even started the throwing I finished up these little cuties. I really like these.

 Tomorrow, there will be throwing of pitchers, the trimming and handling of many mugs and the glazing of many tankards.

It seems to be coming together nicely.