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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Making Making Making

This morning I commented on a blog from someone who had a 1000 pot goal by April. I can't remember who it was. I am feeling their pain. I think they are looking at a little over 100 pots a week. I've been doing about 100+ pots a week for a couple weeks and it is kind of starting to hurt. I wish I could remember which pottery blog it was, I want to go back and see how they did.

I had a throwing goal of 60 pieces today and I made it! There they are! Looks like tomorrow will involve a lot of trimming and handle pulling.

 And before I even started the throwing I finished up these little cuties. I really like these.

 Tomorrow, there will be throwing of pitchers, the trimming and handling of many mugs and the glazing of many tankards.

It seems to be coming together nicely.


  1. I have almost reached 100 this week they are mainly small mugs, bowls and bud vases though, but my wife would kill me if I started making 100 pots a week.

    I would have to buy some kiln space off of someone to get them all fired before June.

    I love these lidded vessels.

  2. I think that was Becky at Willow Avenue Pottery...

    I must say, you will not have any problems doing 1000 pots by April! At least not at the rate you are working now. I can't wait till I have the time to do more than two or three pieces a day.

  3. It was me, but the goal is for April. I'm up to 47, but I have a long time to go. The tricky part about my goal is that I don't have any studio assistants, I don't have a pugmill, and I'm only using reclaim until it's all gone. Let's just say I'm in for a lot of wedging. ;)

    I really like the little soup crocks. The handles are awesome.

  4. ugh. I only have studio assistants occasionally. recently I got a new helper. It speeds things up considerably to have someone wedge the clay...wax the bottoms of the pots and clear out the ton of reclaim while you keep on with the major parts of production.

    When no one can help me I get a little sad face on and do what has to be done, but I really like the help.

    Keep in touch Becky, we'll get through those 1000 pots!