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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Making More

So I've been struggling a little bit to try to get into the studio and be highly motivated but I can't seem to get it all together. Fortunately we kept enough stock back from the fall home sale to give me enough for the next small event we have on our agenda. I'm getting a lot done..more than the average pottery student gets done in half a semester really... but as I was just reminded by a professional collegue on clayart, most potters can't work at a commercial pace. I work at a pretty good pace most of the time. 3 tons of clay so far this year with another one coming soon.

Anyway, I took a few extra pictures of my process today, unfortunately I flaked out in the middle of it and started experimenting. I had rice bowls with chopstick rests on my agenda. Made from 1.5 lbs of clay, thrown to a particular dimension, allowed to dry overnight, then the notches are added, the bowl turned over to expose the foot to the air, allowed to dry a bit more, then trimmed. I made a board full, then gave up and made a few other a couple gravy boats..something I haven't made for years and a couple more low and wide bowls like Rowan loves to eat out of. As well as a couple small bowls to decorate with stripes like I have been doing on a larger version. Earlier today I made some pitchers or jugs for you in the UK.

Tomorrow I'll trim all the bowls, handle the pitchers and maybe tomorrow night start loading a bisque kiln.

At some point in the next couple days I need to make goblets and small mugs and some teapots and cereal bowls. I'll get there.

experimenting with crossposting

I've been trying to figure out how to crosspost to Blogger without importing my non-existant blogs from there. I signed up on the site a long time ago but never posted anything. So no blogs to important. So I decided to experimement and tried to import my nothing in order to enable crossposting. It seems to have worked so for those who might be looking at this test post on blogger for the first time...all the blogs from the past are on multiply.

or on Livejournal