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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Today it looks like I was slacking. I have very little photo evidence of work. Despite the lack of evidence, I did work today.
I had high hopes of starting on some plates and pasta dishes and oil candles today but I had to start by trimming a bunch of the mugs I threw last night. and getting the handles and medallions onto them. Somehow for the first time in months the humidity was low in the studio and I had to jump into them right away. Then after a quick shopping trip for new T shirts and insoles at Wal-Mart I headed home and unloaded my bisc kiln and started glazing.So I have a kiln full of soup mugs and tea pots, No evidence until Friday :) All I can show you is the beginning of the new Webster's mugs and this special G mug for one of my customers at Way's Fruit Farm from last weekend.

Tomorrow, there will be more throwing :)