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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Maker's Marks

Over the years I've had many maker's marks, initially pretty crude, a scratched in crescent moon with my first name "Charles" scratched in beside it..That was back in 91-94, then I started scratching in "Hughes" .Then off and on over the next 10-12 years I scratched in my last name or wrote it with Iron Oxide, or sometimes Cobalt Oxide. Somewhere in early 2000 I started using what I call the radiant "H" an "H" with hash marks radiating out from around it. Then I started using a stamp that said "Hughes" but it broke eventually and I stopped. Then I thought I should make a new one, so I made one that said "CGH", Charles Gordon Hughes and I've been using it off and on with the Radiant H for a few years.

A few years ago I got married to a lovely lady who has an awesome artists name, Rowan Rose.  I taught her to throw and how to glaze and do all the things I do (except pull handles..she just doesn't want to pull handles).We made her a great maker's mark too, two R's back to back. Now in the last year or so we've been working together a lot more. and we decided we'd better start to reflect that in the work. So we came up with a new mark that combines my Radiant H and her RR.It's an H with two R's coming off of it. You'll start to see it a lot more.The work we do together is amazing. She needs to share the credit :)