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Sunday, November 29, 2009

A good day in the Studio

It was a really productive day in the studio,
First was the finishing of 6 mugs from the night before, then I got busy and threw a board full of round mug bodies, sorry, somehow I forgot that picture. Then I took a bit of a break and went bowling..tore my thumb up a bit, but scored reasonably well. 152, 200, and 153. Then came home and made deeeelicious chili, one batch con carne for Ro and Cath and one batch veg for me and possibly Morgan, though he hasn't been around for dinner much. Then back to the studio, 10 apple bakers, and 9 plates and 4 bowls. The 4 bowls and plates will get Oak and Acorn decoration and the rest of the plates will be for a special purpose which I will explain in a blog devoted to the idea.

Sunday's are for snoozing

Isn't it amazing how the first picture can lead to the second? I think the NJ trip has Ro all tuckered out :) For those who don't know our furry snuggle blankets, the tiger is Tuna Fish, the black cat is Sammy and of course Pepper the dog.

On the other hand, I am finally feeling a little more like attacking the massive numbers of mugs I need to produce over the next 2 months. All those handles are intimidating. I'll start with a board or two today :)