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Thursday, December 11, 2008

A blog of many subjects

Interesting week... as always there are a lot of things going on and somehow it all seems like chaos in my mind. Here's the recap..I'm going to save judgements for later...

First order of business is that after much soul searching I am adding some matte glazes back into my palette. A yellow-beige that I used to use a lot called yellow frog. I used it in combination with black copper oxide and wood-ash..very nice pots..perhaps the last series of work I felt I really explored fully and had a complete sense of artistic achievement with... not to say my current work is deficient in any way, but there's a certain amount of wow factor involved with the glazes

Another glaze I am adding is called Twila Green..a lovely soft green based on the same recipe as the yellow frog.

And finally I am adding a faux ash will be matte with glossy rivulets of color, most likely green and blue.

I'll be posting some examples later.

Additionally, I've made some big bowls and a giant pitcher-vase that I was looking forward to finishing, but I've managed to kill one of the big bowls and the handle on the giant pitcher-vase cracked. UGH. Frustrating.

This was offset by the joy I had in having Morgan share the studio with me for a few hours this week. He made some more of his wibbley-swirly tumblers and I talked him into doing some bowls. Very nice work. I think we'll be doing the handles tonight or tomorrow morning.

Now we're getting down to it...last night our refrigerator died... now it was old when we moved in here, not in the best of shape so I can't be too upset, but I really didn't want to have to buy one now..but we found a good deal after shopping around, it's small enough to fit into the limited space we have in the kitchen, but is modern enough that we no longer have wire racks and the super narrow door racks. It's nice, and energy star rated, so it's a greener choice. YAY for us!

Today, like most Thursdays was spent in The Creative Oasis. Ro came in with me today and cleaned up the gallery and made a new display at the entryway. There's a picture..ain't it purty?

and finally, I have a 10 or 11 year old student who has been working very hard on a snake sculpture...I've included a "before" shot..a snake head as he imagined it, then a shot of the finished work after instruction and teaching him how to use reference material and measure for proportion. I'm very proud, he learned a lot in just a few weeks.

And of course we have to clean up tomorrow for the sale again this weekend... *sigh*