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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Glaze Kiln and Trimming Big Bowls

This morning Ro unloaded the other glaze kiln, it also turned out beautifully. Here are a few shots of the pieces as they came out.

This afternoon I wedged more reclaim and made 15 more soup mugs. Apparently they are a hot item at the fair and on Etsy, so I tried to get ahead a little and make some more, it seems as if they are getting homes as fast as I make them, though the next glaze kiln will have near to 35 of them and I think that will do for a while.

This evening I started trimming the big bowls. The smaller ones were truly ready, but the biggest ones really needed more time to dry..and it would have been better if I could have flipped them over and allowed the bottoms to dry for a couple hours, but I didn't have enough big bats or unused table space to do that. I trimmed most of them anyway relying on pure pottery black magic to move the exceptionally flexible trimmed bowls back to an upright position. It was an anxious few minutes, but it worked out OK in the end. I did leave one bowl to stiffen a bit more overnight and the last one I trimmed I left upside down on the wheel. My Kung Fu wasn't good enough.

So while I was working in the basement, Ro has been diligently sorting through her possessions and rearranging the attic. The attic looks fantastic right now, There is so much more room than there was and it is organized. There is still a lot more that has to come inside off of the patio, but by the time it has been winnowed it should fit nicely...and we should have an enormous pile of garbage on the next couple Fridays.