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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cyborg Name

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Some days-bleh

Yesterday was one of those days that started out with all kinds of good intentions to get work done and somehow, tired and exhausted I crawled into bed with the feeling that I just didn't succeed. I don't know why. It was busy...

Yesterday morning Ro and I met with a new ad rep from the local paper "The Centre Daily Times" yes, Centre is spelled with an "re" around here,apparently due to the excess of German immigrants when this area was being settled. We decided on two weeks worth of advertising in the Weekender section as well an ad in the special Holiday Guide publication. Then we went to Websters to drop off Gretchen's share of our Ginger People order if you like ginger, this is a foodporn site Go there..

Then I had a short trip in to the Creative Oasis, just in case our volunteers didn't maker it in on time. There was an Inservice Day program running for kids. Fortunately for me, the volunteers DID make it in on time and I was free to head home to start working. At least I thought so.

I got home and sat and had some celery and hummus with Ro and eventually I went downstairs and trimmed the pie bakers from yesterday. Then I prepared to really get started...

First I cleaned my work area and straightened the tools, cool..felt good, a clean work space is always helpful to a lot of work.

Then I got a bucket of nice warm water and then balked at starting..why? It was too damn cold in the must have been in the 50's..I had a space heater working, but it wasn't enough. Now I'm a pretty good guy about being too cold or too warm, but dipping my hands in water and working for hours sounded to nasty to me that I decided to go get another sealed oil heater.

So I came up, told Rowan of my intentions, deciding that on my way I would stop in at the Valvoline and have my oil changed since it was time and I did have an $8 coupon.

So off I went..Valvoline, Wal-Mart..of course I picked a few other things up in Wal Mart. A new piece of coupling for the dryer vent, a new pair of shears for the kitchen..a suprise Rowan doesn't know about yet..SHHHHHHHHHHHH it's laying out in the open, but she hasn't found it :)

THEN all this done I finally head home and it's dark. DARK! Where the hell did the day go? I haven't worked yet!

OK home. Ro is cooking..YAY! a white bean soup and homemade breadsticks. It's not ready yet so I head downstairs and sign all the work waiting to go into the kiln.

Dinner is ready now, so I head back up and we have a rare dinner together. Ro, me, Catherine and Morgan all sit down and eat. It was yummy and I decide on a second serving..this time in a mug so I can head back down where the new heater is doing an admirable job and finally GET TO WORK. I had a bucket of clay wedged up and ready to go so I get started!

8 bases i. STOP. I require a bathroom break. UGH. clean up head back upstairs... do my thang and get distracted by the TV..a few minutes later I head back..pause to put on music on the computer and get distracted by Facebook. 1/2 hour later I start throwing. finally 20 bases done I head upstairs for water and a deserved break. Distracted by "million dollar baby" on the TV I take too long. OK BACK TO WORK..finally. I throw 2 cups for the tops and decide to call it a night. Tired. No heart. back upstairs, play Pirate game on myspace, talk to Ro and mess around on facebook. DONE. BED NOW.

I'll try again today.