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Thursday, October 15, 2009

The results

Another damn long day where my dreams of throwing just went out the window and romped in the snow with the dog. On the other hand I did get all the handles put on the mugs and I did clean up 2 bags of trimmings and reclaimed them and I got to unload a kiln and got my throwing priorities straight for the weekend.

It looks like we will NOT be at Way's this weekend. Despite a great desire to participate the snow and rain simply kills me. If I spend a day out in that kind of cold my hands won't be capable of squeezing clay without a double dose of ibuprofin before I even begin.

So here are the teapots and other goodies from the kiln. How do they look? All the teapots but the BIG one will be at the "Art of Tea" show at The Creative Oasis (Sorry Elliot, none for you but the one for the special order)