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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Scarce Potter

I've been scarce here in Blog Land, I've kept up with some little postings on FB, but the actual writing has been on hold.

Last weekend Ro and I went out of town, to an SCA event in Maine. It was a lovely time despite the rain, but sales were a little low to justify 2 hotel rooms and a 12 hour drive each way. The luck of the draw I guess, win some you lose some. I did notice however, that my stock wasn't what it should be. Which is when I started plotting this week's mad marathon of production. And it is Mad. We have a big show coming up, the biggest we do and I noticed I had less stock than I had in actual sales at this show in the past. That's not good at I had to fix it and fix it in a big way.

On the way home we drove to another show where we were to drop off the pottery, spend a day relaxing, then head home for 2.5 weeks of intense production.

I got a little carried away with the relaxing. I met up with two friends behind the display booth. One produced a bottle of Single Malt and the other a bottle of mead.

I don't think I've been quite so relaxed in years. I am grateful to my lovely wife for pouring me into the truck and driving us home :) It DID take off the rough edges and worries for a day..When I woke up the next day I was more than ready to jump into the production. I felt refreshed!

SO the plan is this..I want 4-5K worth of stock. to be produced by the 23rd most of it in mugs and tankards. So far so good.

I've thrown 111 mugs and tankards and 12 soup mugs and 1 ginormous mug for a special order. Today I handled and trimmed everything but the soup mugs. I'll get those in the morning. Then we'll let them dry all day and load a bisc tomorrow night.

While those pots are drying I'll get started again with some covered jars, butter keepers, pitchers and scotch cups and maybe some more of the larger round mugs. Folks seem to like those ginormous mugs a lot.

I'll be posting regular pictures on the Hughes Pottery Page on Facebook but I think I won't be posting many blogs...but who knows, it might be good therapy :)and I am pretty sure by the end of the month I am going to need some therapy.

Oh yes.Ro posted some new work for sale on Etsy today, so please feel free to check it out!

Clay Blog Feed

I received this email today letting me know of this new clay blog feed and that I am part of it. Great idea! I'm glad to be a part of it. It looks like a great tool for finding other clay blogs. I know I love to see what my fellow clay-siblings are up to :)

Greetings fellow Clay Artist/Potter,

Your blog (technically, the rss feed) has been selected and added to the Ceramic Artists and Potters Feed (and the blog list in the Links section) at The page displays the latest entries from selected ceramic/pottery blogs. The idea is to show off what the clay community is currently working on or being inspired by. The feed will display your name, link to your blog entry and a preview of your post.

If you have questions, would like something changed, or would like your blog removed you can reply to this email or use to contact me.

If there are other blogs that you feel would be a good addition please let me know. Almost any blog is acceptable as long as it is mostly about ceramics or pottery.

There are currently over 170 blogs so the feed might take a little while to load. I'm considering some options to speed up the load time but for now you might have to be patient...

Thanks for your time (and your blog!),

Brandon "Fuzzy" Schwartz