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Monday, December 8, 2008

A fresh new week

We slept in today. I slept in longer than Ro did. It was a delight, but I was sad to find out when I awoke that Ro was not feeling any better. Apparently some kind of winter germ got her. I tried to make it as nice as possible..I kept a fairly roaring fire going most of the day, but sick is sick and no matter how nice it is around you, you're still sick.

So I finally got back into the studio this evening and the best part was I had company! Morgan decided he'd better make some work and came down and threw a board full of his swirly wibbley cups. I decided to throw big..I was initially going to make vases, and threw one bottom vase, but eventually decided to go for big flat bottom bowls...about 15" across. They're made from 12.5 lbs of clay each..I made 7 tonight. Tomorrow I'll trim and I think I might add strap handles to the sides to help with the moving of the oversized monsters when serving in them.