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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lovely Day

It started out rainy and sad, but got beautiful for a while in the middle of the day and Ro and I took advantage of it to head out to Rothrock State Forest to see the Mountain Laurel in bloom. I took a few pictures, but really hers are the ones that show the camera is so decrepit now that I am lucky to get any images. It still does good sky, but everything else appears to glow with fairy light or have unnatural gloom around the edges...and that's the way it is for now..maybe in a few weeks I can justify a replacement, but right now Ro's camera is the moneymaker since she takes all the product pictures and mine is just for my own pleasure of documenting my life and work to share. I am sure she'll get around to posting some soon..look for them on facebook if you are her friend, in the meantime, here are some of mine. Also included are the pictures of the XL round mugs I put handles on this morning. The empty boxes from all the wedging I have done in the last 2 days and a board full of regular tankard mugs that I just finished up before midnight.