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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Glazing Day

 Today was a day of mostly glazing, although I did throw some goblet parts earlier. We've had 2 bisc kilns come out recently so it was time to get busy and glaze.

Ro spent some time this morning mixing up some glazes to top off the buckets while I did the goblet throwing, then she waxed the bottoms of the pieces and I got started with the glazing. We're going to have 2 glaze kilns going at the same time. It should be nice and roasty toasty in the studio tomorrow. I anticipate the goblets will be ready to trim and assemble early in the day.

I am hoping to get to throw a few more goblets in various sizes tomorrow, then get started on more mugs and tankards. I want another bisc in on Tuesday night, maybe even two with more pieces to go to Florida on Sunday. Last minute rushing upsets me, but I don't want to drive down to restock in 3-4 weeks, so I have to make this count.

Ro is finishing some medallions for the top shelf and should be up any minute. Hell of a day. Lots of work done, but I could do without this kind of intensity.