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Saturday, November 22, 2008


OK..I've done it..I've gone and joined facebook. WOW. what an amazing system that is, I can see why it's replaced MySpace as THE social site. within minutes I was connected to people I haven't seen in years.. one of the best surprises for me was that they import blogs..called notes on I am having THEM import my blog from here as opposed to the normal system of having multiply crosspost....I'm pretty happy blogs are now based on Multiply, and crossposted to LiveJournal, Blogger, and imported to Facebook. Very cool. They even imported the videos I've posted which neither LJ or Blogger do. WOW.

The Designated Drivers Revenge-pictures

Chel's Birthday. A night probably never remembered...(hee hee)

We had fun! Chel and Sandy had a lot of fun. I enjoyed being there with them. I was the only guy in the bar with two dates! how fun is that? I had two dates and my wife was away! (Hi Mrs. Hughes)

While I don't want to publicize the whole are the highlights (truthfully I ran out of memory on the camera..silly me I left the card in the computer and could only take 4 shots).

I'll say that I had them both delivered safely to Chel's house and I am assuming Chel at least made it to bed. I hope Sandy did too... poor sleepy thing.

As for the other sleepy looking woman in the picture (supported by Chel's hand)..her husband tucked her onto the couch and she never came out with us.

And I am assuming at this point that the ladies have mostly recovered and gotten rides to recover their vehicles.