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Friday, January 14, 2011

Glazing and Throwing

 Today was another day I when just couldn't get started. I woke up late and felt... fuzzy, couldn't wake up, coffee didn't seems to help. I had decided to get right on top of glazing first thing today, but instead I needed to pack Etsy orders which is a great reason not to glaze :)

We had a little difficulty with the glazes because Ro had mixed new glazes and I hadn't done my part to lift them back into place under her supervision, so I wasn't sure where the buckets belonged. Eventually we figured it out and in the early afternoon I finally got to the glazing, then 1/2way through took a break to mail out the packages and get some lunch with Ro. We had kind of a rough morning, some days are just a little sad. So getting out and getting a break was nice.When we got back I finished up the glazing pretty quick and got started with the throwing. Ro came and loaded both the kilns, one is a bisc, the other a glaze.

We have some special orders in this kiln, so I hope it works out well. You just never know until it comes out..especially when dealing with a fresh batch of glazes. Though I have every confidence in Rowan's and my own glaze mixing ability I still get a little twitchy when I think about it too hard.

The throwing was productive. I did 8 more rice bowls, 16 soup mugs and 8 Apple Bakers. I have one more bucket of wedged clay ready to throw will probably be tankards. Then we have to fill up those buckets with wedged clay and start again. There's a lot of pots to make before the end of the month.

 Most of this was done under the direct supervision of Tuna Fish the Cat, who knows she isn't allowed into the studio, so she sits in the doorway and supervises. Sometimes she tries to sneak in, but will retreat just far enough if she's caught. She's one willful and smart critter.