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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mugs, Mugs and More Mugs

Mugs are the number one selling item I make. I guess it's because people can always find a use for a pretty vessel to drink out of. I've tried hard to make my mugs functional and beautiful and I have had many people tell me it's the most comfortable mug they've ever used.
I have 29 in process now, not 30 because for whatever reason I misaligned them on the board and I could only fit 19 on the board and I had 10 from the day before when I wasn't feeling much like making mugs so I stopped.

Sometimes a bucket of wedged clay for mugs can be very intimidating and I just can't face them. Other times I sail through with a tailwind. Tonight's work was somewhere in the middle and I am pleased. Tomorrow they will get handles.