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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Pictures

I picked up a flotone backdrop so we could take good professional pictures of the pottery for promotion and show applications. Ro cleaned out the office and set it up and took these shots. I think they are looking pretty damn good. The next thing on the list is a light box so that we can eliminate the shadows.

There are still more to be edited, including the Pie Baker, Rice Bowls and Apple Bakers. Maybe we can get those done over the visit to NJ.

Christmas Pizza

Today we did our Christmas, distributed the gifts and had a special Christmas Pizzas made by Morgan for dinner. The kids got stockings full of ridiculous stuff and a one big gift each, Tom Tom navigators. These will make us feel better about their future journeys. They are hooked up! Morgan hand tossed the dough, there is a video of him doing it on my Facebook site. It is very cool. Hopefully the link works!