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Thursday, January 1, 2009

A few other shots of pieces from the last 2 kilns


We finally finished glazing about an hour and a half ago.. 1:30AM. It has been a long day for sure. Working while sick is always like slogging through knee deep mud, but we did it.

The glaze I was worried about seems to be fine..the kiln we were waiting for to cool was absolutely gorgeous and included a few pieces I was exceptionally pleased with.

I've been revisiting some old techniques and trying to bring them into my current work and while much of it has been frustrating, I'm hitting on some results that are renewing my creative spirit.

Even at 3AM coughing my lungs up, I am excited about them. The mugs in the picture are a prime example. I am thrilled with them. Cone 6 electric fired ash glaze.

Yes. 3AM. I did go to bed..but the cough was severe and very dry and unproductive so after 1/2 hour of coughing, moaning, groaning and whining I got up and took a long steamy shower to loosen things up a bit as well as taking a cough suppressant. PLEASE let something work. I am better off now after the shower, but it could be a long and sleepless night unless my lungs give up trying to expell stuff that just isn't ready to go yet.

More tomorrow!

changes and changes

This has been a very difficult week for us. We've been dealing with travel, finishing production, illness to the point where production became an impossibility and it has thrown everything off.

We are supposed to be at a party right now..we should be waking up and enjoying the company of other revelers, having a mass breakfast, coffee with the crowd and gearing up for another day and night of silliness. That's not happening. Instead, I woke up this morning clear eyed for the first time, which means the pinkeye is done, but coughing in spasms, my body desperately trying to dislodge the infection in my lungs. It seems to be working. Something unpleasant was dislodged.

Rowan has inventoried all the pots we had finished up until now, there are more coming out of the kiln.

Almost everything has to be packed.

And I have at least two more kilns to fire.

The problem is I can't glaze the rest of these pots until I see the results later tonight when this kiln comes out.


I could glaze it now, but it would be a risk, because in the middle of glazing I ran out of one of my glazes and had to mix up a fresh batch. Unfortunately, the source for one of the ingredients changed and I am not sure if it is going to behave in the same way. Other people have used this new source and been less than thrilled with the results. Not that they were bad and unsaleable, but It could be really ugly, unsaleable ugly and despite wanting to get this all wrapped up and finished so I might be able to leave tomorrow and enjoy a day of party. I am unwilling to risk 150+ pieces just because I am in a hurry.

So I am sad.. and still sick but we're working on it..and maybe we'll get to the party just when everyone is leaving :(