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Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Night Party!

No, just kidding, just another blog about pottery and life, A good mix of both this time.

Ro's parents arrived today for tomorrow's big Graduation Ceremony. Catherine seems all ready for it. Morgan I am afraid is going to just sleep through until the folks returning from the ceremony wake him up. He's working another late shift at the Pizza shop and will be coming home at 3AM. The kid works hard for what he wants. I'm very proud of him.

While he was making pizza at the shop, I was making pizza here for Ro's folks. I am always afraid they won't like what I make, but they tore into it and had more slices than anyone else. I was impressed. They were very complimentary and suggested if I want to do something to supplement the pottery business that pizza might be a good option.

ROFLMAO! With the pottery it's all or nothing.

After dinner everyone went off to see Catherine's sublet and I headed back to the basement studio. Just a few minutes ago I finished the last of the mugs and soup bowls I have been waiting for all week.

Do you think all this greenware is going to fit into this partially loaded kiln? No? me either.

and of course here is a picture of the still cooling glaze kiln. The green glaze looks like it is back to normal and everything I could see looked like it turned out well.

Tomorrow during the BBQ I plan on sneaking off to start throwing a few other things. despite my gregarious online nature, in person I am kind of shy and anyway I have some special orders I want to work on. A large utensil crock, a giant tankard (They come in quarts?) some plates and a small casserole and I should probably try to get back to a giant oval platter that I have failed to make 4 times now. Damn thing always develops a technical problem, which I have figured out now, but have lacked the space to dedicate to it. It takes up 1-2 shelves through the whole process and I NEED those for other work.