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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Disapppointing Weekend Ahead

So far it looks that way. We had some big plans for the weekend, but they are falling through. Our plans were divergent. I was going to go to the NCECA conference in Philadelphia and Ro and Catherine were going to head off for the holiday weekend with her folks in NJ. Ro made it to NJ, but I am going to end up stuck at home. Which could be good, I can relax, refocus, get some good studio time in, maybe go out on the town, party like a wild man, cut loose, go crazy etc! Except that most of the cutting lose stuff just isn't me and the studio plans are being stymied as well. I seem to have a pinched nerve somewhere. When I open my left hand wide I get a shooting nerve pain down the middle finger and into the wrist. I also get the same pain when I press on anything with my left palm. I tried to throw a little while ago and it just isn't going to happen. Maybe tomorrow. I'm going to do some stretching exercises to try to open it up.

This leaves me with relax and refocus, which I'm not very good at either. So I'm sitting here is mild discontent waiting for the bright spot of my night to happen. Morgan is bringing home a "Rita" pizza from Corrinados's where he works. I'm looking forward to dinner and the company. It's been a long day with just me and the dog :) We did have some nice porch time, the weather was gorgeous and Pepper loved being outside for a while. I am thinking after dinner tonight I might take Pepper for a long walk. It's been a while since the weather was decent enough for it and I need it as much as he does. The exercise will probably cheer me up.

Tomorrow I am going to try to throw again and failing that I'm going to clean the studio and at least prepare for throwing. Hopefully this will work itself out quickly.