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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Only Days Remaining

There are only a few days remaining before I have to deliver pottery to Elliot who will taking it to The Bay Area Renaissance Faire.

I've had all kind of trouble with kilns the last few weeks, an overfiring occurred that I thought we had fixed, then we had another one. This ruined a lot of the pottery I had made to go to the Bay Area Fair, so I'm running shorter than I wanted to. It also ruined a lot of the shelves so I spent some time grinding them down and Ro rewashed them.
The Pitchers that stuck

I think we lost the top element and I know we had the wrong thermocouple in it, so Ro traded out the top thermcouple in the kiln, and also put in a witness cone so hopefully we can watch it and makes sure it fires properly.

If it works ok for the bisc I might try another glaze fire in it, but I am pretty sure we also lost the top I think it is going to put us even more behind than I already am. This is very upsetting since I won't have another chance to send stock down without making the trip myself, so I, or hopefully we might end up taking a trip to either Florida or Mississippi next month.. I am against doing this because it'll be very expensive, but I have also made a commitment to provide the stock, so I am willing to do it.

regular round mug surrounded by xl ones
pile of cleaned shelves
xl mugs
So my last effort at production that made it into the bisc kiln was these giant round mugs. You can see in the picture how much larger they are than our 16-18oz size. These usually end up holding 28-32 oz depending on how much I have stretched out the bellies.

I finished out today by throwing rice bowls, apple bakers and 2 boards full of soup mug bowls. Even though they won't be ready to go to Florida, production is still a huge priority. I need to get enough to keep the Etsy store stocked and possibly enough for a few small SCA events. It never ends.

monsters surrounding the regular one

These are all in the last bisc too