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Sunday, April 25, 2010

closing out the weekend

Another fine and productive Day at Hughes Pottery.I feel like the day started so long ago it was yesterday..oh maybe it was.

First...I need to say that this lovely sandwich pictured here is a vegetarian BLT with a slice of cheese on a biscuit leftover from breakfast. The B in this case is from Morningstar Farms. We call it Fakin' Bacon and the veggie sausage "Snausage" and it often ends up on our pizza. The very cool mug, which contained coffee is by Ian Stainton.

So today... first thing was packing up the Etsy orders from the weekend. I made a new shipping label, which I will try to show you, but I am not sure how to save it as a jpeg instead of a publisher file.

We have a pretty cool system. I cut and past the address from the PayPal invoice directly into the publisher file that I use for Mailing Labels. I then send it to the wireless printer that is beside the packing area we have set aside in the office.

I used to write out labels in sharpie marker, but it wasn't always readable. I wanted to print them out, but when you print labels you end up using the whole sheet for one label. So I made a publisher file that prints on regular paper and has one of my pieces faded into the background of the label. It takes up about half the page. Right now I am just shredding the other half and using it for Raku firings, but I think I'll add another text box to the sheet and make it a Thank You note, which I can sign and pop into the box. I want to say thank you as often as possible, I'm really grateful that so many people love the work we are making.

This afternoon I spent a lot of time wedging clay. 150 lbs in 2 and 3 lb balls. Mostly for tankards and big mugs, but also for pitchers. I got a decent start on both today,

The special bonus of the day came from peeking in the kiln and seeing the top layer was looking good. I'll open it up the rest of the way in the morning and hopefully post some more pictures.