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Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Countdown to War

Busy days as always here at Hughes Pottery. I've been building stock for the last month for week long event with the SCA called Gulf Wars. It's held near Lumberton Mississippi. It's usually a fun event, often there is some rain and one year it was really cold and rainy, but mostly it has been mild. This year it looks pretty good via the extended forecast. Rain towards the end of the week, but not bad. I'm really starting to look forward to it but at the same time I am starting to dread the time away. Lots of things happen when we go parties in the house.

I made a pledge at the beginning of the year that I would make stock continuously so that I never had to rush for a show. So far so good, but as usual there are a few things I really want to have done before we leave, but if they don't get done it'll be OK. Stock is looking pretty good, I'm very pleased with what I have made. The one thing that has depleted my stock more than I anticipated is the Hughes Pottery Etsy Shop it has turned into a wonderful sales venue. I am very pleased. It's a really nice venue because it is nationwide and we can showcase each piece so that each piece can be considered in full and under ideal lighting which is not always the case at a show under cloudy skies and a tent. However I am a little upset that we will have to leave it for 10 days. We strive for exceptional customer service including lightening fast shipping. We usually have it at the customer's post office box or doorstep within 3-4 days for a very good shipping rate. Folks will have to wait until we get back for anything they buy while we are away. I think that is a better solution than closing the shop. Of course we'll warn everyone and put a notice up.

So this will be the last weekend of throwing and we'll have everything out by Thursday and ready to go in the truck so we can get on the road Friday morning. Whew.

We just made 6 more of these plates, The initial posting on Facebook garnered 3 inquiries so I guess I'll be throwing more of these too.I'm so pleased people love these because I do too. It's really nice to be able to put the extra time into pieces and have people want them.

Time for bed :) A long day of throwing awaits me tomorrow!