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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back on Track.

Rice Bowls, Butterkeepers, Small Jars and Lids
 We had a busy day here at Hughes Pottery. I started out by seeing Dr. Collins, Oral Surgeon, about my horrible toothache that came on strong New Years Eve. $110 later it was determined that I had to have an extraction.(! REALLY?) but I guess it's best that they took the x-rays and did the exam in case there was something else that was causing all that pain.
A couple of small cups
It was also determined that I would be on antibiotics, Ibuprofin and Vicoden until I could schedule the extraction. They could do it in 8 days or a month. So I chose a month. I need more time to come up with the $360ish dollars it will cost. Ahh the life of the uninsured.

Next I came home to get started on production. We had a lot going on. I started throwing. Cristin came over and learned about unloading bisc kilns and cleaning biscware and waxing the bottoms of the musg with hot wax, while Ro got started mixing up new glazes.

Parts for Goblets
Ro had to take a break to run some errands so I got Cristin started with Wedging. Then I made Goblet parts and then had to take a break to meet with one of my old HS art teachers about a new Empty Bowls project in the area and the possibility of me teaching some workshops.

Big pile of mugs to glaze
I finally got back into the studio about 3:30 while Ro got started taking pictures of soup mugs and posting new listings on Etsy. I got some small jars and butterkeepers made, then I got sleepy, took another little break, made a pizza for dinner, ate with Ro and then we both headed back to the studio. I threw rice bowls while she finished mixing the glazes. The day seemed to go on forever.

We quit about 11PM. Tomorrow's plan is to trim the pieces that are ready for trimming, then do all the glazing with all those full buckets of glaze. Load the kiln, then in the early evening take off for an evening visiting friends, come home and pass out :)

Big Bucket of Glaze, ready to add water.