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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


There has been so much happening lately that I am having a hard time keeping up. Let's lay it all out as a form of therapy which I am foisting on all of you who read this..and I know you read this. I has lurkers. Not much in the way of comment makers, but I have lurkers So what's going on? Changes my is all different and it is rushing by.

1) We have High School Graduates. 2 of them. Cath got a sublet and said goodbye to our parental authoritarianism, she's living fast and free by her own rules in her own place. Morgan is hanging around here a lot more, now that he's come back from a Burner Event (Wicker Man) kind of, but not really like Burning Man, but in an eastern foresty setting. He starts his nearly full time hours later in the week, so I put him to work this morning in the studio with me. He made glaze day go much faster and right now there are two kilns firing.

2) Art Camps started at The Creative Oasis which means I had to teach a little bit this week and a few days next week. Rowan is teaching all week, she's gone 8-5.

3) We've had an outrageous number of sales online. Which has been great, but we're ruinning into logistical problems. We're down a car right now because the fuel pump went out in Ro's Blazer which means I have been driving her in and picking her up so I have a chance to take the packages to the Post Office and can run the other necessary errands. The sales haven't been great enough to have it repaired yet. Working on it :) AND on Thursday I have to drive to the PA Ren Fairegrounds to set up for The Celtic Fling this weekend.

4) In the middle of all this I find myself in one of the most intense production drives I have ever had. We have BIG events coming up, we're quickly depleting the online stock so I am working hard trying to make 180ish pieces by next Wednesday. While teaching, driving places and packing pots and shipping them out.

I think I just wore myself out writing about it. Just kidding I have boundless energy!