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Saturday, June 26, 2010

My list

Remember last week when I mentioned wanting to make 180ish pots by Wednesday? Well I am not going to make it, but I am going to come close. I made a few changes in my list, like deciding to cut back on the pitchers and add more giant mugs and make another Goblet of Doom. It's not a Goblet of doom, It's the Oak King's Chalice. Ain't it purty? Ro did all the sprigwork. I'm also very pleased with the giant tankards. I did get all the goblets done, all the butter keepers and all the cereal bowls done. Next on the list is mugs and tankards and xl round mugs. Those are the bulk of the list and I can throw those all in just a few days.

Ro added to the mix by doing a bunch of wee bowls while she demonstrated wheel work at a music festival called "Summer's Best" in downtown State College today She's quite a trooper, doing that all day then coming home to make oak leaves and acorns for the new goblet.

Tomorrow we'll be heading to The Celtic Fling to pack down the pottery so we can take it with us to the next event in Hebron, ME no sense in having it sitting around doing nothing. Next weekend is the Raku BBQ and Birthday Bash, where I'll roast pots, my friends will roast and toast me and I'll do less work than usual while turning 41.

It has been a busy hell of a week. I seem to have an awful lot of living squeezed into not much time at all. Whew.