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Monday, September 6, 2010

Laboring Day Weekend

well..we didn't stop and celebrate, have a picnic or do community service. We worked hard, for ourselves in the basement studio. I think it was one of the more productive times we've had. The work goes a lot faster when I have a competent helpmate who anticipates the next project and preps for it. Together Ro and I busted out a lot of work. In the middle of it all she was cleaning up from the last step and prepping for the next. It was amazing. I am looking forward to having more of this assistance in the future. I've dreamed up a very intense production schedule for the fall and with her help I am sure we'll be able to keep up.

Now that I said all that stuff, I have to admit that this weekend's production had a few problems. I usually leave the work completely uncovered overnight, then turn it over and trim in the afternoon. Plates usually take 2 days to dry enough to trim. This morning as I crawled out of bed anticipating a slow, breakfast, internet, TV then glazing, THEN trimming, Ro came back from the basement with the news that the tops of the XL mugs and the little pitchers were already bone dry. So I pretended not to be in a hurry, finished my Cafe World play and THEN hurried to the basement. I managed to save some of them...I lost about 6 of the XL mugs..I think we saved the little pitchers, but I won't know until tomorrow when they are dry. I did manage to get all the plates trimmed. It was a pretty good day. After the trimming I prepped the glaze area so tomorrow I'll start with glazing them move on to throwing.