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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Done early tonight

I had a pretty good day. I made butter keeper tops and a few bowls this morning and early afternoon, wedged clay for mugs, then headed in to TCO for a 3-7 volunteer shift which was very quiet. I spent some time calling our students and canceling classes for tonight and Wednesday. At home I made a quick mac n cheese dinner then headed back to the studio to make the rest of the butter keepers and parts for goblets. All finished by about 10:15 tonight not too bad.

I'm a little sad that our 11 day sales streak on Etsy was broken least 22.5 hours into today there is no order..I guess it could still happen. Thing have been going well enough I actually had to buy more bubble wrap. It's kind of weird to get bubble wrap in the mail without a box, or something delicate and fragile at the center.

Tomorrow is a snow day, we're staying in and making pots and laying around, there will probably be some baking at some point. I'm looking forward to it.