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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A posting for a friend

This is Sharon a friend from Erie, she did a really fun sword dance at the Haflaween and I managed to get this COOL picture with her eyes glowing I thought I should post it so she can actually see it..

I noticed she is Ro's friend on LJ and was reading her stuff and it actually mentioned she was waiting for this it is!

Birthday Present

Here's a happy kid on her birthday...on the ground in PJ's unwrapping a present. This was a lot of fun for me. Ro's been talking about wanting a mixer like this for a long time. It was on her gift list for her FIRST wedding and it never appeared, so now she has one. It's just a matter of where it can live in our tiny kitchen.

I figured that since she ends up doing a lot of baking for our various events and we'll be having more and more events as time passes that it would be a great addition to the kitchen.

The only unfortunate thing is that since Ro and I have changed our eating habits..we're going to enjoy far fewer of these baked good ourselves. *sigh*