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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Nice day, work hard, play hard.

Our dear friend Mari was here visiting all week. We've been running around and working hard the whole time she was here, so today we decided to take a break and do something fun. I took us all out into the Rothrock State Forest to see the Mountain Laurel bloom. Now I didn't get pictures of the Mountain Laurel( I did STEAL this one from Ro's camera), but I did get pictures of us stopping at Doan's Bones, a BBQ place right beside Whipple's Dam State Park..

When we came back from our adventures, I went back to work and decided that I wanted to do a Raku firing tonight, so I went out and heated up the kiln and when it was dark, we did the's so dramatic that way. Ro took some pictures of the actual firing (here's a few)
I also unloaded a glaze kiln today. It turned out very well. There are a few shots of those two..I think the pitcher..the blue pitcher..turned out well.

Tomorrow Rowan leaves for a week away camping. Mari heads back home and I am on my own for about a week (excluding the horrible teenagers)

Monday I'll be driving my pots down to Harrisburg to meet Jessa so she can take them off to a festival for the week. We'll also be displaying at the KY Renaissance fair at the same time. I am hoping between the two festivals this upcoming weekend and the two the following weekend we can get our finances in order. Things haven't been the same since we had all 3 vehicles in the shop at the same time in April. ARGH.