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Thursday, October 8, 2009


I think most 40 yr old men have much different fantasies than I do. I blame my gorgeous wife on the fact that my fantasies are all about outbuildings, all the rest have been taken care of :)

I have three big outbuilding desires. One is for a full size 2 car garage to use as a studio. The other two are twins. A simple shed for normal storage needs like lawnmowers, rakes, shovels and camping equipment and bicycles. The other a small outbuilding we can use for sales.

One of my fantasies is coming true. I'm getting one of the twins. The storage shed. This will allow us to store the POS (PILE Of SH*T) that is on our patio and semi hidden behind the house inside where it makes our cluttered yard look like redneck central. If sales allow we will possibly invest in the sales building later. One step at a time. If the sales building pays off it will lead to the garage sized building to be my studio. The we can order clay by the ton and have it dropped right from the truck directly inside the studio. A sweet idea for a fat out of shape potter who knows his young
forklift will be going to college soon.

So this is the arrival of our shed. We'll be having Brian down from Erie to assemble it while we pretend to help. (THANKS BRI)

Nicholas Kristoff

is a writer I often agree with.

Right now Facebook has a link to his latest column blocked because it was reported as "abusive"

I see nothing abusive it in. Here's the link.