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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Daily Pottery Update

We spent a good day in the studio today. I say WE because the lovely Rowan was there at 7 while I was still snoring in our bedroom above her head. She finished the Leaves and Acorns on the plates that go with the bowls she did yesterday. It's so nice to have the help. After I got myself up and around, had some coffee and ran errands I headed downstairs while she ran out to take Cath to a Doctor's appt.

I trimmed mugs and pulled handles, then threw tankards, then more plates to make into gift plates. So far they have been well received as an idea so I wanted to have more available. Then after a glass of wine with the lovely Rowan, I made teapot bodies and lids and she started on a marathon of biscotti making, which is continuing until RIGHT NOW..she just got up to turn another batch in the oven. (11:40PM)

Hell of a day :) but good.

and hey look! A HUGE stack of Pie Bakers!