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Monday, June 14, 2010

Glaze Mania FAIL

Just after midnight and I've just come upstairs, feet aching and exhausted from a solid 6 hours of glazing. Ro is still finishing up the stacking and in a few minutes will join me. We're firing two kilns tonight. I expected one, but apparently we had the bisc really packed full. This is good as we have to split up a lot of stock in the next few weeks, FSG in MD, Celtic Fling in PA and some of it will be going off to the Kentucky Renaissance Festival.

Things were going pretty well, I glazed, Ro loaded. When it became apparent we were going to need two kilns, I started the first one and was rewarded with a flashing "FAIL" message. The last thermocouple had melted down. Of course it is the one in the bottom of the kiln. So Ro being the awesome and handy wife she is, unloaded the kiln and did the repair. Thankfully I had had the foresight to order a part in advance so we had a spare. Everything is firing now and we'll see the results early Wednesday morning.

I had a few things sitting around to trim today, but I didn't get to them, so I'm going to be working in the fires of hell tomorrow. UGH. We need to sell enough pots to build that outbuilding studio I fantasize about on a daily basis. The one with heat, AC, screened windows and skylights.

I forgot to mention..We also had another assistant tonight. Can you find her on the seconds shelf?