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Monday, October 11, 2010

Slow Down

Interesting day today, it was at a slower pace than most days. I think part of it was that it was a holiday. No banking, no Post Office, but it also had to do with where I am in the middle of production and the state of our house.

No packages went out...I have some to go tomorrow. It's become almost a daily ritual and I skipped it. We did ride down to check on the stock at Way's because they had the first of two weekends of their annual fall festival. We opted not to participate this year for a couple of reasons. Most importantly we have a permanent display in a prominent place in their Cafe. Lots of people saw our pots and we didn't even have to go :) That's nice. It left me the time to go back into the studio and make more.

Part of today was spent helping Rowan sort through the boxes we liberated from the storage unit we've had for the last three years. When we got all the stuff we put it on the patio in order to sort through it and then restore the "keepers" in the attic and take the rest to Goodwill, or to the curb. We have a huge pile of stuff for the curb and Goodwill. Not so much coming to the attic. I guess 3 years of not having something available means that it wasn't as important as it once was.

So several weeks ago as we unloaded the storage unit we saw the clouds roll in..and we barely got it tarped before the rain came down in buckets. Today was much the same way. We sorted, noticed the weather, began to cover it with tarps and just as we finished the sky opened. Luckily after sorting through a few boxes there needs to be some repacking and then shuttling to the attic so there was still work to be done after we came inside.

I abandoned Ro to the repacking and shuttling to the attic to head down to the studio to carve and trim plates for an order I have been putting off for 3 years. Normally I try to get stuff done right away, but this one intimidates me. Ro has finally convinced me to get the monkey off my back and get it done and not worry about it too much. After all I wouldn't have been chosen for this job if my work hadn't been a good fit. So I hope to have pictures for you in about a week of what I hope will be a finished product. So far so good. I've thrown 12, ruined 2 and might need a few extras just in the end I will need 10.

Somewhere in all of this I managed to make arrangements for our septic inspection. 4+ weeks ago I had it opened up and Roto-rooted to fix a drainage problem. All seems well, but in the end it's going to be in the $700 range. * sigh * that's a lot of mugs to sell. The inspection and pumping will be on Friday.

After the inspection on Friday we'll be taking new stock to the PA Renaissance Faire and perhaps picking up some more clay. After these plates, I am out, completely out.