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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Evening's Work

Fiber, Fabric, and Fighting 2009

We are all packed up and back at home. I was a little disappointed in the turnout,and as a result the sales, but as usual it was a fun event to do. I'm going to throw out a guess and say attendance was down 1/3 to 1/2 of last year which I felt was down from the previous year. It's slowing down, but it really is our only local event so I hope it picks up again, or they envision a new event. One thing I find fascinating is the location. It's at the a small conference center in Mill Hall PA owned by Lock Haven University. It's more like a hunting lodge. It has a nice kitchen a big auditorium/dining room and a lounge kind of area as well as 2 small dormitory rooms. I did a little exploring while I was there and went on a taxidermy safari and spotted all these creatures in the lodge. Almost none of them are prominently displayed. In fact I just noticed the giant Moose head over the main entrance because it is hidden above the rafters. Rowan also discovered a Pheasant we had never seen before. It's a little creepy. During one of our frequent breaks, she also discovered this old house behind the center. It's really about to fall down, but it was cool to see. One of the things I found fascinating was that the outside of the house was shingled and tiled with old salt fired tiles. VERY interesting. I wanted to take more pictures but sadly the batteries in my camera died.