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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Low Energy

No real pictures of today's work, so here is an old one of what I hope to accomplish tomorrow.

Today was a low energy kind of day for me. I had a few pinched nerve type physical problems pop up for me while I was just starting to work today and it kind of drained me for the whole day. I made a couple more largish platters, a ginormous T pot and a few bowls, but essentially I couldn't really get into the groove and get started. I'll try to get good rest tonight and start fresh in the morning. I want to do more of the travel type mugs, goblets and butter keepers tomorrow..perhaps rice bowls too. We will see :)

After I had dinner with Ro I tried to go back, but succeeded in only trimming a few things and making a couple of leaf and acorn sprig molds to make future decoration easier. Ro unloaded and rinsed off the biscware. and did a little organization. It seems she also has a pinched nerve in her neck somewhere so she couldn't do a lot either. I need to get back to the Chiropractor asap.

It looks like despite our best intentions Jessa is not going to make it to the Cloister's event this year, but she is still planning on Vegas, so I am going to send a selection of work with her, probably a basic selection..goblets, tankards, mugs and bowls and see how it goes. I hope well.

We have the Way Fruit Farm event coming up on the 12th and I want to be sure we are well stocked for it, as well as making sure PARF has an adequate selection. October is always our boom month at PARF and it would be a bad move on our part to neglect keeping it well stocked to overflowing.