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Friday, April 3, 2009

Salt Plates only a partial FAIL

As I unloaded the refired kiln today I noticed something strange. I had red pots in my electric kiln!

yep..The plates straightened up a little..2 more are salvaged, but almost all of them have a red tint/wash effect. The question is why?

I have heard that if you fire a kilnload of reduction copper red pots that don't go red, you can refire them in a bisque and they will go red for you.

Here's the problem...There was no copper in the initial firing..Coleman Apple Celadon..1% Iron, no Chrome. the plates were a nice pale green color. The top photo -the plate on the right, shows the original color.

I added the same recipe, but with 2% Copper and 1% cobalt carb to the surface of the already fired plates, put them into the electric kiln and fired them to cone 6.

I got red!

Anyone know why?