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Friday, November 21, 2008

Today: Double Birthdays!

Rowan left for Erie first thing this morning, driving into a blizzard of course. She called on every leg of the trip to assure me all was well. apparently the only bad part was where Route 80 and 79 intersect..a short period of white out, followed by beautiful clear skies and roads all the way to Erie, with some more snow as she got into the city. Overall not bad. Her weekend trip has left me to my own devices and I've done pretty well at filling it up with parental duties and a bit of friend visiting.

TODAY is my son Morgan's 17th birthday and as usual we decided to go for pizza at Facia Luna Pizzeria. They have a wood fired oven that produces some excellent pizzas. Our favorite is the Margherita style. Crushed tomatoes and basil topped with mozzarella..simple. yummy. A little later today we'll pick up his GF Julia and one of his other friends will be stopping by.

Do you see how hard I had to work to get a real smile out of him? It was pretty fun!

Later today I'll be heading out with Chel , today is her birthday too, and somehow over the years I've managed to be with her on her birthday fairly often. (She's on my friends list..stop by and say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!"

Also somewhere in today's social agenda I managed to make some pots. a couple boards of bowls. I'm going to see if I can make another board full before Chel is ready for me.

Tomorrow there will be a lot more pottery making,

Always work to do.... but it's good to have fun too!