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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Endless work and and endless story

Whenever I have a ton of work to do..and I do, I try to entertain myself while I work with an audio book or two while I work..something with 6-8 hours per section. So since I have literally hundreds of pieces to make to get all set for the fall, I pulled out The Wheel of Time again. I'm on Book 3 now, The Dragon Reborn. I think there are 13 total..another due out in November. It has to be one of the most epic and intricate fantasy stories ever written. Every time I read, or listen to it again I catch story changing details I missed before. The story is by a fellow named Robert Jordan, but he actually died before finishing the final books. The family and publisher hired a young writer AND fan of the series to finish it. SO far I am pleased with the new authors style, it's a bit different, but a good voice for the story. I think I've listened to it 4 times now...and read it twice. It's good for the long production run. Which leads me to the rest of MY story...

Yesterday I made 58 round mugs, today I made 54 Tankards. The round mugs are all turned upside down and under plastic. The Tankards are uncovered for the night, tomorrow I'll flip them over and then start on the trimming of the round mugs. Not a bad couple days throwing. The only thing I am unhappy about is pulling all those handles.

After these I plan on throwing about a dozen plates, then sugar jars and creamers, then butterkeepers and goblets..that should keep me till the end of the weekend :) Wish me luck and the opportunity for a massage. I think I will need it.