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Friday, September 23, 2011

My Fridays just aren't what they used to be

It was a pretty productive day here at Hughes Pottery. I woke up rested and feeling pretty good. Made some lovely leftover roasted fingerling potatoes into homefries, cooked up a couple eggs. Stashed the leftovers for the lovely Rowan who got to sleep in a little bit longer today and was just waking up when I packed up a couple of Etsy orders and headed out to run a few errands.

Errand number one was getting the packages to the USPS. That accomplished, I decided to head around the corner to the hair salon, so I could get this mighty mop on top of my head trimmed down. It looked for a while like I was going to have to wait a week as my usual stylist was booked and then closing on a house early next week. I put on my most pitiful puppy dog eyes, and aided by the shaggy mop that makes me look like an ungroomed English Sheep Dog she relented and squeezed me into a slot tomorrow morning just before a bride.

I promised her I would try to be low stress and then I went on my way to the next errand, an oil change, then to the discount store for one more plastic tub for glaze chemicals. and finally home. Where I was greeted by Rowan who had a steely glint in her eye and laid out the story of how her mission of fresh photos for the Etsy shop had been abandoned in favor of organizing and cleaning the office.

I retreated to the safety of the studio.

In the studio I organized a bit, transferred the 25lbs of Rutile into the new tub and got started using up the buckets of wedged clay that awaited me.

Today's work!

Overall it was a successful throwing day, but then I realized the biscuit kiln was almost cooled, and I had all these pieces left over from the previous firing that hadn't made it into the kiln.

So I suspect tomorrow morning and afternoon will be me trimming and finishing pieces while Rowan unloads and waxes the bottoms of the biscware, and tomorrow evening into night will be glazing and loading a kiln. It's funny how it all seems to need doing all at once.