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Friday, September 24, 2010

Blog Fail

I don't know what the hell just happened..I got pictures posted and suddenly I was being told my entry was posted..I guess the folks on LJ and Blogger are going to get a bizzarro blog full of pictures with no explanations...

Many more round mugs have been made over the last couple days. Today was trimming and adding medallions. RO came and assisted. She has bbeen able to be so much more helpful in the studio lately...we've really been producing a ton of work. I'm pleased. Kilns have been fired every day this week. We'll be unloading another glaze kiln in the morning. And probably loading another bisc since the shelf seems to be full again.

Since we have been working extra hard lately we've been trying to figure out how to be more efficient too. One of the tricks I came up with has been to pre-make the medallions we use on some of the pieces..the stamped Pirate flags, Greenmen, Goddesses, Spirals and of course the Oak Leaves and Acorns.

Normally Ro or I will just make them as we go along, but since we have so many more pieces, we've run out of table space to devote to rolling out slabs of clay to press out the medallions, So I got the brilliant idea of making them early and storing them in little plastic food containers. We've got a good thing going..the last batch of leaves sat in there a week before we applied them to anything.

So here are a few pictures of today's work...It's looking pretty good. I'll be excited to go down tomorrow and start on the next round, I have more tankards to do, more soup mugs to do, some pie bakers and large bowls. I also have some special orders to work on, including some erotic pieces. Not sure if I should post pictures of those or not..we'll see :)

Everything Moving along...