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Monday, September 28, 2009

Another Kick Butt Day

Ro didn't have to go into the Oasis today so she helped me in the studio. I signed, waxed and glazed and she loaded and unloaded kilns as was needed. We had everything wrapped up by about 4:00PM, both kilns firing, one a bisc and one a glaze. Morgan came home from school about that time and got the last of the previous clay order unloaded from the truck and we all went to The Arena for Pizza, Wings and Nachos. We skipped the beer. When we got back I went back to the basement and waxed more pots for the next kiln, mixed up another batch of Sunny Day and glazed a few pieces to get a head start on the next load while Ro put away MORE is apparently never done..

I had some plans to make more butter keepers tonight but I was done in. Maybe tomorrow night. Tomorrow is going to be a day mostly off. We're heading to Lancaster to see a gallery show called The Strictly Functional National click ->HERE<- to see last years accepted pieces online. Many gorgeous pieces for sure!