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Monday, January 24, 2011

Birka Countdown Continues

We're moving towards departure for Birka, another glaze kiln came out this morning and the kiln was immediately loaded with a bisc. The bisc candled all day and is now rising. It'll be done about 4 in the morning and will start to cool and we'll reload it with a glaze by tomorrow night. We also just got another glaze loaded and started, it should shut off about 9AM and be ready to unload tomorrow night, very late tomorrow night.

<--These are the pots we have finished so far.

The glaze that is firing is mostly big bowls and sugar jars, butter keepers and a bunch of medallions and pendants that Ro made.

After I finished glazing, Ro did her glazing and finished loading the kiln while I priced all the finished pots on the shelf. This was a new experience for me since for the first time in 20 years I used a price gun to price my pots. I have to admit it went really quickly and saved me a lot of time, though it felt funny to be using a machine and putting such standardized labels on my very handmade work. I don't know if anyone else gets why it kind of makes me feel funny, but hopefully it won't affect the way my customers feel about the pieces. I think I feel like it seems less handmade and more manufactured to a customer when they see a mechanically produced price tag. The handwritten tag is one more indication that someone, not something made the piece.

or, it's all in my head.