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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day Pottery Sale

I've been worried for a week about this sale. Did I have enough stuff? Do I have the right kind of stuff? Was the weather going to be good, does anyone care? Have they all had enough of Hughes Pottery?
Maybe, Yes, Yes, Yes,and NO. Thank you everyone for loving my stuff enough to take it home.

it's 4:30ish and things have slowed down, we're thinking about lunch..perhaps after we close.

The weather has been good most of the day, it started out a little cloudy and rainy but cleared up nicely. Now that the day is nearly done it's getting cloudy again and the wind is picking up You can see in the picture how you can look right up the tables skirts ! It even knocked over one of our signs!

These sales are often stressful for us, there's a lot of preparation and not much sleep but at the end of the day we're usually feeling pretty good again. I feel great right now and am looking forward to tomorrow!