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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Master Blogger?

Masters Degree

What does this mean? I don't know..I s'pose it's cheap advertising for a website that helps you find online Masters Degree Programs. However I am in fine company on the end page..lots of blogs I follow.

Life, Studio, Faire and Shipping.

As usual, it's been extra busy around here. 4 weekends of the Pa Faire left. The buildup of stock for the holidays has begun. We made a delivery to the faire last weekend and found that we didn't bring nearly enough, especially in the Oak and Acorn section, so we came right home and blasted out another kilnload of work as well as a bunch of special orders. It has been busy, but busy is better than sitting around waiting for something to happen. I just have to remember that all the work now is supposed to bring us stability and peace later.

I haven't seen much of the kids lately. Catherine is attending classes at the business school and spends much of her time with one of her classmates. Morgan has been working and spending much of his down time with his girlfriend, not that he seems to have much. He works a lot.

I ordered in supplies I anticipate needing for the holidays, I had been buying "FRAGILE" and "DO NOT CRUSH" stickers in 100 piece packages for $6.00, but decided that I should go for more from a bigger supplier. I found a place on E Bay that gave me 2000 stickers for about $18 plus shipping. I ordered in some more packing peanuts from U-line. I was going to go for one of the really big 20 cubic foot bags for $28, but apparently the really big bags exceed the size limit for UPS and so would have cost $87 to ship by freight. I opted for the smaller bag.12 cubic feet for $18 and $13 shipping.

So this afternoon I got into the studio and made more soup mugs, more apple bakers and a few odd pieces for special orders. Then a few minutes ago we peeked into the glaze kiln. It is...stunning. I am so pleased with what I see. I can't wait to really open it up tomorrow.

I also put out 4 bags of reclaim to stiffen...I am almost out of clay again and I can make an awful lot more out of those messy lumps of mud when they stiffen.