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Thursday, May 17, 2012

How does this always sneak up on us?

 As much as we try to get ahead, somehow we always end up in a production crunch.

I was so glad to have both Rowan and my son Morgan helping today.
Rowan unloaded the bisc kiln, cleaned and waxed everything, then helped to finish the mugs by adding the necessary medallions, while I pulled handle after handle.
When Morgan showed up he wedged up 450 lbs of clay for the next round of throwing.
We then took a pizza break and gathered ourselves for second shift. I threw 15 plates, 2 large serving bowls and 2 medium serving bowls. Morgan and Rowan mixed up 4
batches of glazes, 75,000 grams of materials mixed..that's impressive. The plan was to load a bisc kiln and a glaze kiln before bed, but we ran out of energy. As a compromise, Rowan sent me for a chocolate milkshake treat for her and she went back and loaded a bisc kiln just before midnight. It was an amazingly productive day.
I still have another 40 mugs to throw to complete all the orders, but that won't take as much time and effort now that the bulk of these are finished. I am looking forward to switching to pieces that don't require handles for a while. Maybe 100 bowls would be nice..yeah..bowls.