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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Covered Pitchers

Quite a week. I finished up 77 mugs for Webster's Coffee Shop, complete with special W medallions. The order was for 100, but I already delivered 25. So this will close that order.
 I have an order now for Cafe Lemont, 50 smaller 12 oz mugs, which I'll be getting started on tomorrow. I had hoped to start today, but the lidded pitchers I mentioned in the title took all day. They're as complicated as teapots to put together, but I got them done.  There are 6 total, I changed them as I went because I am still trying to work out what I really want them to look like. It was fun and they turned out well, but I need to do a few dozen more to really have them figured out. If you want to see the rest, the're on my picture uploads from today on my Hughes Pottery Facebook page.

Now I'm going to go spend some time with my lovely wife who has been visiting her parents for a week. I missed her a lot. G'night!

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